So many brews over the years, not enough time to list them all.

Currently on tap and/or in bottles:

Occupy Bar Stools A Scottish style with lots of body and caramel 6.5%
After Shock Bock: Amber, malty and not too heavy, all around favorite even for the drinkers of the yellow fizzy stuff - 6% abv
Crazy Elf: Big Big Big - cherries, honey, corriander. 12.5%
Harvest Ale: A stonger APA made with homegrown Cascade hops - over 2 pounds of them in a 5 gallon batch. 6% abv
Double Wheat IPA: All the wheat plus all the hops - 6.8%
Lawnmower Beer: A Czech Pilsner with a hint of orange. 4.8%

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